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PhanieRae & the Soul Shakers is a powerhouse of musicians, singers & songwriters based out of central Illinois.

PhanieRae will move you.  She'll melt you down & shake you up with her vocals.

The Soul Shakers come from all different musical backgrounds, interests & influences.

They have a talent for melding it all together with precision and high energy!


An original Soul Shaker, songwriter & guitarist,  Alex Sams, leads the band with his smooth licks & cool kicks.

Levi “Lock Stock and Barrel” Huber is a singer, songwriter & slaps that funky rhythm on the bass. 

The youngest Soul Shaker has her own following! Slingin' sticks, singer, drummer & military veteran Cassie Kibler!

The roots & vision of PhanieRae & the Soul Shakers lie within singer, songwriter & guitarist Stephanie Takata. A bit gypsy. A bit gangster. A bit of everything.  All rock and roll.

Prepare to have your soul shaken!!

Devil In The Wood

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2020 Special Edition PRSS Magnet

2020 Special Edition PRSS Magnet

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Public concert, festival, benefit, private or corporate party?

Whatever you are celebrating, whoever you are celebrating with,  PhanieRae & the Soul Shakers has got you covered.  You can't go wrong!


From their eclectic master catalog of originals and covers, to the talent seeping from each mate, to the energy they project, make PRSS an obvious choice.


They cater to the needs of your event, your patrons & appeal to all audiences. 


Leveling up the party since 2016. Opener or headliner?

Book an experience! One that has been referred to as,"lightning in a bottle". 

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The Phanager

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All phans on deck!

Share with us your photos from a PRSS show!

Be included in the Phan Gallery.


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What people say


I had PhanieRae play at our Holiday Party and we had so much fun!!!! They are incredibly talented and I'd recommend them! I ❤️ Phanie Rae and her soul shakers

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